Infinity CM2 MTK v 1.30 Setup Download - FREE MOBILE SUPPORT AND UPDATE


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Infinity CM2 MTK v 1.30 Setup Download

Chinese Miracle-2 MTK v1.30 - MT6753 support: Flash/Repair/Unlock/FactoryFW/Service/Forensic

Unofficial support site  By Welcome Zone Haldwani

Engine updated:

- Dongle Serial Number and Version read method updated
- Activation mode for other Infinity products supported
- Works as Activation for Infinity[BEST] Dongle and Infinity CDMA-Tool Dongle via Infinity Online Service:
-- Infinity-Box/Dongle software activation for Infinity [BEST]
-- Infinity-Box/Dongle software activation for Infinity CDMA-Tool

MTK SP Platform

- New CPU supported: MediaTek MT6753
Service: Security Repair, Read Info, Read Extended Info, Format FS, Fix DL
Unlock: SP Unlock via "Direct Unlock" and "Read Codes"
UserLock: Read PatternLock, Reset UserLocks - Google, Pin, Password etc.
Forensic: PhoneBook extraction
Extra: Flash Erase, Repair Unknown BaseBand, Init Preloader
Privacy Lock reset: Normal, Safe mode
Read and Write: Factory Firmware
Read and Write: Flash (Dump), NVRAM

- USB Flashing improved
Flash Engine revised
MT6753 Flashing support activated
Supported Platforms for Factory FW Flashing:
MT6571/MT6572/MT6575/MT6577/MT6580/MT6582/MT6589/MT6592/MT6595/MT6732/MT6735/MT6752/MT6753/MT6795/MT87xx/MT83xx with eMMC

- Firmware reading improved
Brand-specific improvements
Autodetection improved
MT6753 eMMC supported
Supported Platforms for Factory FW Reading:
MT6571/MT6572/MT6575/MT6577/MT6580/MT6582/MT6589/MT6592/MT6595/MT6732/MT6735/MT6752/MT6753/MT6795/MT87xx/MT83xx with eMMC

- NVRAM operations revised
MT6753 supported
"BaseBand Version" detection improved

- SP Unlock improved
MT6753 SP Unlock support activated
"Read Codes" and "Direct Unlock" supported

- UserData operations improved
PhoneBook Reading improved on SP platform
UserLocks Reset improved on SP platform

- Security Repair improved
Security Repair supported for MT6753: CM2 Permanent
Fix Unknown BaseBand revised: MT6753 supported
Some bugfixes

- Other
FlashID database updated
FlashInit DB updated
Some bugfixes and improvements

Official download link

Infinity-Box 10 (ten) years (2005 - 2015) non-stop regular updates and support as nobody else - Infinity-Box   News

Unlock Codes (Huawei, SE, Motorola, Samsung etc.), iPhone Unlock, Software Activations - Infinity-Box Online Service

1. Infinity-Box Dongle ready for delivery
2. BB5 Easy Service Tool [BEST] Dongle
3. CDMA-Tool Dongle (fast and easy unlock)


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