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XTC 2 Tool V 1.20 Setup Download

XTC 2 Tool 1.20 released | Desire 828, Desire 830 support, A9 Sprint LTE enable (+)

 Unofficial Support Site By Welcome Zone Haldwani

 Dear customers,

Introducing XTC2Tool version 1.20:

- Added support for Desire 828 (A51BML) - World first
- Added support for Desire 830 (A51CML) - World first
- Convert Sprint USA A9 to EU A9 (Enable 3G/4G/LTE) (World exclusive!)
- Updated flashing module to support latest multipart flash files
- Reworked and improved flashing process
- Improved support for HTC E9x (A53ML_DTUL)
- Improved Sprint & KDDI unlock
- Fixed HTV31 unlock
- Small bug-fixes
• Activation feature for XTC 2 Tool

Why do we need activation?

With every release we integrate more and more features, and we (and we hope you too!) want that features to be exclusive for our dear customers, so that you know what you have paid for. Activation is free and fast, and you can activate XTC 2 Tool on as many computers, as you need for your work.

Please make sure to download latest drivers from our support page:

XTC 2 Clip

Direct download:

http://xtc2.net/downloads/ latest/


https://mega.nz/#!PwkkHCyY!ZCW32wQUr... OSj6zbmswLC9uE

Previous releases:

XTC 2 Tool 1.19 has been released | Full X9 support, Handset activation disable (+)
XTC 2 Tool 1.18 has been released | Added FAQ link, FRP and Japan models fix
XTC 2 Tool 1.17 has been released | World first M9e/728G support and MUCH MORE
XTC 2 Tool 1.16 has been released | 2016 edition: Easy flasher,World First Desire 526
XTC 2 Tool 1.15 has been released | WORLD FIRST A9 UNLOCK,Desire 520,E9s, FRP unlock.
XTC 2 Tool 1.14 has been released | Support server access & solved problems
XTC 2 Tool 1.12 has been released | Exclusive: Universal Sprint unlock [08.10.2015]
XTC 2 Tool 1.10 has been released | Desire 626(s),HTV31 unlock and more [22.09.2015]
XTC 2 Tool 1.10 has been released | Desire 626(s),HTV31 unlock and more [22.09.2015]
XTC 2 Tool 1.09 has been released | M9 Sprint easy sim unlock and more [28.08.2015]
XTC 2 Tool 1.08 has been released | World First easy HTL23 sim unlock [14.08.2015]
XTC 2 Tool 1.07 has been released | World First HTC Bootloader Unlock[07.08.2015]
XTC 2 Tool 1.06 has been released [27.07.2015]
XTC 2 Tool 1.05 has been released [19.07.2015]
XTC 2 Tool 1.04 has been released

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